Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our multi-media campaign

OK, so this posting may be a bit self serving. But is it really? I'll let you decide. Marketing Matchup launched a new SEM (Adwords and business.com), print and interactive campaign. The campaign is focused on clients, thus letting all the really, really smart people know there is a better way to search and find agencies of all types. The campaign is bit cheeky. Check them out. In addition, our initial SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and linking program is going well. Unique visitors are on the rise (recently ranked 3rd amongst its peers), length and depth of visit is 6:33 minutes, number of pages viewed is 6.48. Referring Sites (50.61%), Direct Traffic (29.59%), Search Engines (19.80%). These key indicators support our claim that the content is relevant, the experience is solid and people are shopping for agencies.

Below are some of the promo ads we have run in BtoB magazine. We would love to hear your feedback.

Marketing Matchup can help you find the right marketing firm for your needs. You can search by agency size, location, industry experience, marketing services provided and past creative work. If you have a marketing project in mind, sign up for a free client membership and post your project to be automatically matched with the right agencies.

Already working on a marketing project or a campaign? We have compiled a set of marketing tools that can help both clients and agencies plan and execute your next marketing project or campaign.

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