Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did you waste $100,000?

Dear marketing executive,

Please take half of what you learned at Grad school, about communications and marketing, and throw it out the door. I think what remains is pretty simple: you are not the customer. Listen to the customer. Now that you are out of school, working as Grande Frumage, this is just a friendly reminder that Google and everything they stand for pretty much rule every stage of the consumer's buying journey - seeking, reviewing, finding and buying products.


You gotta be kidding me.

Agencies are starting to chuckle under their breadth when they hear Mr. Grand Frumage CMO state, "We are thinking we should increase our awareness by doing TV". Ha! It has been proven that just having high awareness does not lead to preference or a purchase. And TV? For God's sake, what a dying media channel (pun intended). Sure, you could get a decent buy this year but what else is new? I can get gas for a $1.50 too. The problem is that media buying companies are tossing you bones, using Wall Street metaphors, when the price is relative to all the other micro and macro economics. "Buy low", they say. We would say, "Aim High".

But go ahead and go traditional, not digital, and watch your competition fly by you. Pssst. You may want to check out if your single greatest asset, namely your Web site, even has an SEO strategy in place. And don't ask your in-house web guy either. Guess what will be his answer. . .

And here is an article that discusses the continued rise of paid search versus traditional marketing.

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